New Start, New Journey – Caring Medical Moved to the New site

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New Start, New Journey – Caring Medical Moved to the New site


The new office Opening Ceremony with new products announcement was held on May 10. 2020, in Tian’an Yungu Industry Park, Gsu District.

Mr. Zhong Li, Deputy chief of Gusu district, delivered a key note speech at the ceremony to warmly welcome all of the newly relocated companies.

As one of the representative companies, Mr. Xiaodong Xiang, General manager of Caring Medical, made a speech expressing his thankfulness to local government, to Tian’an Yungu Corp and especially to all of the company’s staffs. “At this new starting point, we will definitely make our persistent efforts to achieve greater success ever than before”, he said, and right after that, Mr. Xiang introduced the newly launched 4K fluorescence imaging system and the upcoming 3D fluorescence imaging system.

Subsequently, two shareholders of the company, Mr. Zheng Yuan, Chairman of Shanghai Kinetic Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (listed company) and Mr. Cai Ping, Chairman of Hongjingwen Venture Capital Co., Ltd respectively delivered their speeches expressing congratulations as well as blessings for a prosperous future of the company.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was no doubt the climax of the event. Being full of joy and thrill, our shareholders, guests and employee representatives stepped onto the stage to cut off the ribbon together symbolizing a new starting point in company’s future endeavor.

Our guests and local government officials visited Caring’s new office area followed by a mutual discussion to exchange ideas. All visitors gathered around to celebrate this memorable moment.

Caring Medical’s newly launched product, the global first true 4K UHD Fluorescence Imaging System possesses super high resolution that providing surgeons with much clearer surgical view to differentiate tiny tissue structures intraoperatively, thus, it enables surgical procedures to being performed in a more accurate and precise way. Allowing surgeons to enjoy an authentic 3D effect as real, our self-developed technology can display anatomical structures with more details in real time without causing eyestrain, likewise, it can facilitate common surgical procedures like suturing and knot tying especially which nearby vital organs areas, hence, the occurrence of surgery related injuries and surgical complications could be significantly avoided. All of the visitors gave high rating to the image quality and color reproducibility of our both 4K and 3D imaging systems. The excellent performance of our products showcased that Caring Medical had become an industry leading provider of fluorescence imaging system worldwide.

As being a big milestone in the company’s development course, the successful holding of this event was not only a recognition of the company's professionalism and strength, but also reflected the company's determination to pursue excellence. A new start of the new journey for all Caring’s employees, we will collaborate with our customers as well as business partners to create a more brilliant future together.